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WWII German M43 Luftwaffe blue grey wool trousers keilhosen


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Add to Cart*PLEASE FILL IN THE BLANKS BY CM (centimeter)! NOT INCHES! THANKS**For tunic orders: The TUNIC FULL LENGTH is optional. If you wish to use your length, we will accept that. But that maybe different with the original scale. If you leave this blank, we will calculate the length for you based on original cut.
The TUNIC LENGTH 2 is optional. If you ordered a tunic such like: M32, M27, M28, Waffenrock & etc. which have a body waist line on the back. You should tell us this length.
NOTE: IMPORTANT! If you don’t tell me this length, we will make the tunic under original cut. You will take your own risks. If you give me a wrong measurement, you will take your own risks.
SHOULDER 2 is optional. You provide it, will make the tunic better.
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