Change Orders

Change your order

We accept change your orders. But we need charge you some fees of this amendment request. Because of too many amend order requests, make me lose a lot of money.

Q: Why need pay this fee?

A: After you ordered, usually we will send the order to our factory workshop in 24 HOURS. Tailors will soonly cut off the materials, prepared everything, ready to sewing. So, that means these cut materials cannot for other customers any more. Useless. So, I must ask you to pay for the material fees and cut fees. 


Q: What kind of products need pay this fee?

A: It’s free for change your order in 24 hours after you ordered. After that, all the uniforms, and caps need pay amendment fees. Rest items needn’t.


Q: How to do that?

A: Please type your order number in the 'Your order number'.

In 'Your Requests' blank, please type all you need, for example, need change to another style tunic, or change the cap sizes. If contain too many information, you can also try to CONTACT US at first.

If change a cap, please select 'Caps'. If change uniforms, please select 'Uniforms'. 


If you want to change your order but we still didn't ship out, please check here:


If you got the shipping tracking number, that means your order has been shipped. Please check here for need exchange received order: