How to Make Custom Tailored Order

Our uniforms and caps accept custom tailored orders. So, if you don't understand how to make the order. Please follow this guide. 

NOTE: please make sure you can clearly understand how to measure before order. If you're a new guy on the German tunics, we suggest you take a regular cut tunic at first. That will help you understand the German cuts. 


1st. Please click the button called 'custom tailored'.

2nd. Now, you should see a new window. You will see some blanks. But you cannot typing the measurements. You need click the 'HOW TO MEASURE YOUR BODY' ruler at first. Because of some new customer really don't know how to do that. So, we make another guide here.

3rd. In the guide window, after you read everything and clearly understand. You should scroll down to the bottom. And you will find a big X (close) button at right side. Click it, you will back to the blanks window. 

4th. Now, you can fill in all the blanks. Please remember, only accept digits. And all in CM (centimeter). Thanks for understand. After that, click the add to cart. it will be add to your shopping cart.